Types of yoga

  • Yoga Asana for Hair Growth (really!)

  • Baby Goat Yoga

  • Beer Yoga (made this up but would be fun)

  • Hot Yoga

  • Sound Meditation

Then there is Alternate Routes Getaway Yoga or as we refer to it “Getaway Yoga”…

We know you are going to have a late-night Friday filled with dancing, singing, clapping and enjoying favorite beverages. To help you get energized and ready for the day on Saturday we are excited to announce that Taryn Chory will lead a Restorative practice on Saturday morning.

We will not be able to provide mats so please either bring a yoga mat or a hotel towel and show up ready to open your heart, open your mind, breathe, stretch and get ready for more music magic! Namaste

Getaway Yoga will be held at the Hilton Garden at 9:30 am on Saturday November 2nd. This is a free event for anyone with an Alternate Routes Getaway weekend bracelet.